Thursday, October 1, 2009

Using Questions Answers Foo Plugin to add Q&A to your Rails app

Questions Answers plugin adds linkedin like Questions and Answers functionality to your
Rails application. Plugin assumes existance of model named User and that model
contains information about users of system. If User model does not exist the
plugin will print warning message on console at startup. If you dont already
have authentication user model i recommend you install restful_authentication

The plugin uses login attribute of user model in views by default. You can
change that default by declaring this constant in your environment.rb file


To change look of the module change the css refrenced in

Install this plugin in your rails application by running

./script/plugin install git://

To complete installation of plugin run following rake task from root directory
of your application.

rake questions_answers:install

This will create database migration to hold Questions and Answers data. After
running this task run:

rake db:migrate

to commit changes to database structure.