Sunday, March 23, 2008

Radiant CMS 0.6 has extension now

Radiant is most promising content management system to come out from fast growing Ruby on Rails community. The Radiant site advertises it as no fluff cms intended for small teams.

Radiant is fairly simple to install as gem and has structure common to all Ruby on Rails applications. No fluff means that there is no layers of code hiding core cms code and whole application code is simple to understand and change in true open source way.

So what is keeping Radiant from replacing Joomla or Drupal as most popular open source cms out there. In my opinion at the moment the Ruby on Rails community is small (even when it is growing at stellar pace), let alone developer community around Radiant

The reason for popularity of Joomla and similar PHP open source CMS is fact that they have been around for quite some time now. There is significant developer community around these projects which have been developing and extending these CMS. There is very large number of extensions available for Joomla allowing people to quickly mash up web applications into core cms.

So most important thing for Radiant to be adopted by more teams especially ones outside Ruby on Rails community is to have popular extension mechanism and number of extensions available to extend core cms. Release 0.6 comes with extension mechanism which appears to be fairly simple and there are some extensions available as well. Lets wait and see how many members of rails community contribute extensions to this project and will it be able to become leading open source cms as Joomla


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